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City government should make things work for us — from protecting our families, to maintaining our roads, to helping new businesses, to keeping our taxes low, to maintaining our parks and picking up the garbage and recycling — these things should work for us, making our lives easier and giving us peace of mind. A city that works for you, that should always be the goal.


Infrastructure is not just about resilience and bouncing back from big events like the recent hurricanes; it’s about how our city works as a whole. We need to invest now to ensure we can meet future challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Improving our infrastructure attracts businesses and new jobs to Jacksonville and increases our property values.


This is a problem starting from the ground up — from getting homes off septic tanks to under-grounding our utilities to ensure that everyone can access high speed internet. The time is now. I will make sure that we are focused on our resiliency as a city and our ability to meet the challenges ahead. We have to address the vulnerabilities that the storms showed us including the flooding issues in our streets (which can happen even with our big rainstorms) and reducing the risk of widespread power outages and the cost to repair them.

PROTECT Jacksonville’s uniqueness

Jacksonville's neighborhoods are unique — we need smart development that matches each community's character and to make sure residents’ voices are heard when it comes to new construction in their neighborhood. From Argyle to Avondale and everywhere in between, we need to make sure our zoning and use codes reflect the way we live today.


Our permitting system should be streamlined and transparent for our residents and our developers, so it’s easier both to start projects, know what’s going on in your neighborhood and how your voice can be heard. I will work to bring smarter, more collaborative development, to protect tree canopies and make neighborhoods more pedestrian and bike friendly.


We need to be doing more to keep our families and neighborhoods safe. Our police officers, fire fighters, and rescue teams are our first line of defense for not just our physical safety, but also in many cases welfare of our whole community. I want to make sure law enforcement and first responders have the resources they need to effectively patrol a county as large as Duval.


From recruiting the best people to ensuring they have the best training to deal with the many different situations and issues they face each day, I will make sure our first responders are supported. We should all feel safe walking, biking, playing with our kids, enjoying our neighborhoods, and knowing that our justice system continues to work to treat each citizen fairly and with respect.


Government works best when our leaders are listening to their constituents and to each other. We have to be able to ask good questions because that leads to good answers — the right answer for Jacksonville.  


I pledge to be accountable, available and transparent as a city council member. I’m not afraid to ask, or be asked, hard questions. I want to listen to everyone because no one has a monopoly on good ideas and in Jacksonville, we should be creating an environment where we give everyone a voice in creating our future.


My family and I love Jacksonville. We have so much that’s great about our city but we also have opportunities to get better. As a mom, I want to make sure we invest in activities and facilities for our families, and for all of us who live here. If we continue to build the city where we all love to do things — supporting educational systems, museums, arts organizations, nonprofit service providers, and our sports teams (win or lose!), they will come. I promise to continue to be an advocate for our quality of life and the institutions that contribute to them.

MakE Data-driven Decisions

After 12 years at Google, I believe in the power of data. Data is free of emotion, politics, and is key to informing us in making the right decisions for our city. We have big choices in front of us — JEA, dredging our port and waterways, Downtown, smart development and all that goes with it — like traffic and parking. This also includes smaller issues, like how do we take care of our parks and roads? Let’s focus on understanding our issues and on the solutions that address those problems, rather than focusing on political wins. Putting our data to work for us will save taxpayers money and help us make the right decisions for the long-term future of our city.

What does a brighter Jax look like to you?

I'd love to hear how you think we can make Jacksonville a brighter place. Feel free to share your thoughts through the form below, or by sending a direct email to sunny@votesunny.com.